Our Mission
To elevate and celebrate the practices of Central Oregon Programs through collaboration, education and mutual support.

About Us
In the spirit of collaboration, we’ve joined together as Central Oregon Program Alliance: ten innovative therapeutic programs and schools helping adolescents and young adults. Each offers help for young people and their families who struggle with emotional, behavioral and/or learning differences. We created this alliance in 2012, in an effort to collectively grow and improve.

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Wilderness therapy program for young people
Wilderness therapy programs: teens- young adults. Read more…

Evoke Cascades is a Wilderness Therapy Program that uses a nomadic, primitive-living model. Our research-proven approach is based in Attachment theory and employs experiential and evidence-based therapies that focus on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. We do not simply provide advice or try to “fix,” but instead create an experience that evokes self-discovery, self-compassion, and ultimately, healing and transformation.

Our participants, adolescents and young adults of all genders come to us with complexities related to: trauma, depression, anxiety, low self- esteem, learning differences, difficulties associated with the autism spectrum, family issues, and substance abuse disorders. Treatment plans are individualized and include flexible lengths of stay, daily group therapy, and one-on-one therapy sessions. Evoke’s accredited curriculum helps participants earn academic credit and allows us to assess how participants respond to academic challenges.

Family members receive myriad resources and home support: a parent mentor, family workshops, in-person and on-line support groups, weekly live webinars, and an interactive parent portal with tailored assignments. Parents can also expect a weekly phone call with their child’s therapist and visit(s) to the program. Visit Website

Helping young people recover and gain independence
Ohana House:
Independent Living Home, 18-30. Read More…

The Ohana House is a home for young women ages 18-30 who are facing various life challenges. In our home, mutual respect is integral to all aspects of our service. As such, simple home living is complemented by daily structure. Healthy boundaries help inspire personal growth and redefine personal achievement. We operate as a functional family offering daily peer group support. We pride ourselves on a “back to the basics” approach that encourages positive, constructive new habits in order to release and replace formerly destructive ones.

We do all of this one day at a time while placing the focus on ourselves: learning to connect with and love oneself allows our young women to reframe their ability to love others. Our open and nurturing environment inspires the members of our household to face truths rather than ignore them: “The harder the truth to tell, the truer the friend that tells it.” 

Success is a choice, and by modeling healthy behavior The Ohana House emboldens each of our young women to define success for themselves so that we may thrive together as an empowered community.

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Helping young people recover and gain independence
Cascade Crest:
Transitional Living, 18-23.
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Cascade Crest Transitions is a program designed specifically to work and empower young adults with the average length of stay between 9-12 months. . Our students are ages 18-23, who are struggling in their launch to become healthy, independent adults. A typical profile of our students’ challenges might be: difficulty sustaining healthy relationships, problematic mood and anxiety-related issues, mild learning disorders, and drug/alcohol use. We offer a setting in which students develop healthy, independent-living skills, while receiving support and supervision from our licensed therapists, academic advisers, and independent living staff. The Cascade Crest team utilizes Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT),  EMDR, and motivational interviewing with our students.  Visit Website

Therapeutic boarding school for young girls
New Leaf Academy:
Therapeutic boarding school for girls, 10-15.
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New Leaf Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for girls 10-15 years old located in Bend, Oregon.  Working through relationship, we effectively facilitate lasting behavioral, social, emotional and academic changes through a therapeutic, nurturing, family-like environment that meets the specific needs of the pre-adolescent and adolescent female.  New Leaf students often struggle with anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, ADHD, executive functioning deficits, trauma, impulsivity, disordered attachment, identity issues and learning challenges.  The New Leaf student often lacks appropriate boundaries and social skills and struggles to maintain healthy friendships.   

Due to the developmental age of our students, family participation is expected to achieve optimal success.  Parents and guardians receive parent coaching, weekly family therapy and participate in three parent seminars involving multi-family therapy with their daughters to identify and interrupt ineffective family patterns. Families participate in an equine family workshop to deepen their insight. Parent visit weekends, home visits and aftercare services are regularly scheduled to provide opportunities to practice new skills. New Leaf Academy supports girls’ transitions home by providing an intensive Aftercare Program. Licensed by the State of Oregon DHS; Cognia (formerly AdvancED) accredited; SEVIS approved

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transitional living and recovery for young people
Skyline Recovery:
Transitional living program, 18-28.
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Our mission is to set young people onto a path of recovery from substances, trauma, and life difficulties. We utilize 12-step recovery, sober coaching, cutting edge clinical modalities, family work, rites of passage experiences, and connection with a community of like-minded peers to navigate this transition. 

We offer an individualized residential transition program for young men and male identified individuals and recovery support services at an out-patient capacity for young men and women. 

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residential college support home
College Excel:
Residential college support program, 18+. Read More…

College Excel is a comprehensive, residential, coaching-based college support program located in Bend, Oregon. Their team of certified coaches, learning specialists, college instructors, and wellness experts provide students­ with the daily structure, support, and guidance they need to succeed academically and personally while earning college credits at Central Oregon Community College or Oregon State University-Cascades.  Since 2003, they have helped hundreds of students achieve sustainable academic and personal success.

Their impressive track record begins with their comprehensive admissions process, during which each applicant is carefully assessed across multiple metrics for their program  appropriateness and readiness.  College Excel’s scientifically-validated, blended behavioral and neuro coaching model is rooted in the behavioral sciences; backed by Harvard Medical School research data; and incorporates the most current technologies available today. Dr. Srini Pillay, world-renowned Harvard psychiatrist and CEO of The NeuroBusiness Group, selected College Excel as one of the 15 best coaching organizations in the world because of their mindful approach, dedication to students, and continuous collaboration with innovative leaders in both the education and personal transformation sectors.  

At College Excel, they help students gain understanding, develop new mindsets, and overcome personal challenges to create the life-changing, sustainable results they desire, both academically and personally. Visit Website

parent coaching professionals
Parent Coach Professionals:
Parent Coaching. Read More…

The Parent Coach Professionals team helps parents who need guidance and support in dealing with a teen, young adult, or post-secondary adult confronting the challenges of increasing independence. Whether we are working directly with a program or with a parent in private contract, our strengths-based coaching model provides structure that allows you to gain the skills and confidence needed to parent more effectively. We work with you to help you see your familial relationships differently and then provide the action steps, education, and encouragement that will allow your family to untangle the knot of current patterns that exist, (re)establish balance, and move forward.

Our goal is to help parents and guardians navigate the process of shifting their challenges into an opportunity to build a healthy, powerful, life-long relationship with their son or daughter using a progressive and solution-focused approach. We help you assess a situation, tackle it strategically, and see it through to resolution, leaving you with clear direction, a healthy perspective, and ultimately feeling empowered.
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Deschutes Wilderness Therapy:
Wilderness therapy programs, pre-teen-young adult. Read more…

New Vision Wilderness Therapy Deschutes is an innovative wilderness program for clients who require immediate intervention and intensive mental health treatment. Our program specializes in treating struggles associated with adoption, developmental trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction. We serve teens, young adults, and their parents in the majestic Cascade mountain range of Central Oregon. New Vision comes from a trauma-informed lens and a relationship-based model that permeates throughout our culture of leaders, clinicians, and employees. The wilderness is our catalyst for change and healing.

Our robust clinical team works directly with their clients in both individual and group therapy sessions, as well as family sessions each week. Students typically stay at New Vision Deschutes between 10 and 12 weeks.  For any admission inquiries, please contact Daryn Reiner at 541.480.7758 or via email at daryn.reiner@nvwild.com. Visit Website

Therapeutic boarding school for girls
The Academy at Sisters:
Therapeutic boarding school for girls, 13-18.
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As a therapeutic boarding school for girls, The Academy at Sisters empowers young women to find wholeness and achieve academic excellence.

Anxiety, depression, and other struggles teenagers face can become daunting hurdles, sometimes leading to falling grades, detachment from friends and family, and behaviors that put girls at-risk. We have long been a leader in adopting multi-faceted therapeutic approaches to help girls recognize and challenge their beliefs and patterns, to heal, and to build healthy lives.

Proficiency based academics allow students to take ownership of their education, to connect with the learning process, and to prepare for their futures. Our tranquil ranch setting gives girls the chance to unplug from pressures and immediacy, to reconnect with themselves, and provides a welcoming space to take a break from smartphones and social media.

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Therapeutic transitional program
Dragonfly Transitions:
Therapeutic transition program, 18-26.
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Dragonfly Transitions is a young adult treatment program in southern Oregon and was founded in 2000. Dragonfly launches young adults through community, connection, experience and leadership. It offers a variety of living, learning and leadership opportunities which allows for a range of clinical needs to be addressed.

Dragonfly provides intentional exposure to transition as we believe hands-on experience leads to success within and beyond the program. Dragonfly is research based, grounded in the perspective of students and developed by Dragonfly. Healing and growth happen through Interpersonal Relationships, Community & Culture and Experiential Education.  Visit Website

Bend is world-famous for both its outdoor pursuits and pristine beauty. You can catch an art exhibit, dine at an award-winning restaurant, or spoil yourself at one of our many spas. The sense of community is strong here, residents contribute, participate, and support one another. To learn more about this place commonly referred to as the outdoor playground of the West, Visit Bend is a terrific resource.

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